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Commercial Application

Due to the incredibly small size of our nanoparticles, it is important that it is applied correctly. For larger sites, we utilize our portable electrostatic sprayer that delivers particle sizes down to 5 microns. By charging the particles as they leave the sprayer, our nanoYo TiO2 adheres to surfaces that a normal sprayer would have difficulty reaching. This is very important in ensuring all surfaces are benefitting from the photocatalytic action of TiO2. Any building or vehicle that suffers from VOCs, odours, mould, fungi or bacteria issues is a prime candidate for nanoYo TiO2 nanocoatings.

Old and New Construction

New construction as well as older buildings will both benefit from the oxidizing properties of nanoYo. Air quality is greatly improved with nanoYo, reducing the chances of Sick Building Syndrome and increased staff absenteeism and decreased productivity. High touch areas such as doorknobs, telephones, ATM machines, soap dispensers, faucets and drinking fountains may be teeming with bacteria and pathogens, invisible to the naked eye, but not invisible to nanoYo TiO2. Some buildings require a higher standard of clean. Hospitals, medical clinics, doctors offices and waiting rooms, physiotherapy centres, and laboratories are all places that demand to be as clean as possible. The continuous cleaning action of nanoYo ensures that staff, patients, and visitors are better protected against air-borne illnesses and dirty surfaces.

Public Transportation

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes benefit from the application of nanoYo TiO2. Public transportation such as buses and taxis can act as incubators for germs and bacteria, putting riders at risk of illness. Smells and off-gassing from rubber and plastic components in most modern vehicles are reduced or eliminated by nanoYo's photocatalytic oxidation process. Air is cleaner, surfaces are cleaner, and riders feel better knowing they are in a self-cleaning vehicle. Who wouldn't want to drive a vehicle that self-cleans at the molecular level and provides cleaner air for driver and passengers?

Industry and Agriculture

Industrial and agricultural facilities also benefit from nanoYo. Dangerous fumes and unpleasant smells that arise from manufacturing or farm animals are greatly reduced with adequate light and airflow. Employees breathe cleaner air and have less chance of developing respiratory problems through constant exposure of harmful VOCs released by adhesives, oils and fuels, and byproducts of manufacturing. Healthy employees are productive employees.


Manufactured goods can also benefit from nanoYo. Our nanoparticles can be applied to a wide variety of substrates such as finished metals, unpolished wood, plastics, and stone. Furniture, cabinets, doors, window fixtures, flooring, paneling, ceiling tiles, blinds, wall coverings, curtains, countertops, electronics, and a myriad of other consumer goods can be sold with the added value of being antibacterial and germ resistant. The products also are delivered with built in VOC reduction from the off-gassing of varnishes, glues, and finishes that affect your customer's respiratory system.