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Surgical Face Masks

We are proud to present the nanoYo TiO2 surgical face mask. Wherever you work, you can breathe easier knowing you're protected.

Using biochemistry at the molecular level, our proprietary coating technology help eliminate pathogens and organic substances before they harm us.

A typical surgical mask protects wearers from being splashed in the mouth with body fluids, and helps to prevent transmission of body fluids from one person to another. Also as the wearer breathes in, they are “sucking” bacteria and virus from the air surrounding them. These organisms stays on the surface of the mask in large volumes thus contaminating it.

Besides just BFE and PFE filtration, nanoYo TiO2 face masks help eliminate micro organisms, odours and VOCs by oxidizing them upon contact, eliminating the risk of cross contamination from the micro organisms from the mask to exposed skin and potential environmental hazards.